• 33 hospitals equipped in Europe, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia…
    • 80% of generals anesthesias removed for children 3-10 years and over
    • Children participatory, well prepared for the exam MRI
    • Time savings of support in the radiology department

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  • A 3-year study of 300 children showed that 87.5% of general anesthesias or sedations were avoided thanks to the Playful MRI Simulator protocol
  • Since 2012, more than 18,000 children have passed the MRI scan without receiving a sedative or undergoing GA
  • No side effects
  • Reduction in the preparation time of the child before the examination in the anesthesia room
  • No post-examination surveillance, reduction of 1 hour in total
  • Free up time for radio manipulators
  • Funding by associations and foundations
  • Requires a dedicated room of 8,20ft x 9,84 ft maximum and an electrical outlet
  • Installation by Domed team in 2 days
  • Playful and intuitive interface on 17” touch screen
  • User training in 1 hour
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