According to a 3 years study on many children (study by the CLIN and CAL), MRI game has a real interest for the child but also for the hospital which uses it.
coeur-orangeThe study showed that Playful MRI Simulator avoids general anesthesia or sedation drug in 81,5% of cases.

There are already more than 1 800 children who have have avoided anesthesia or sedation and have a successfully MRI exam.

One of the otheradvantages of the Playful MRI Simulator is that it requires no medical preparation..
Finally, contrary to the anesthesia or sedation, Playful MRI presents no risk to the child and causes no side effects.


Playful MRI Simulator allows you to really optimize the costs of the hospital. It brings real added value to MRI unit.

hopital-bleuThe preparation thanks to the simulator also reduces the time of the real MRI exam. . Indeed, , the child is ready and already knows how to behave during the examination. This allows a a better patient flow and a real optimization of the service.

The administration of drugs before medical imaging exams and also greatly reduced whichalso reduces the costs associated with the purchase of drugs.

The return on investment of the Playful MRI Simulator is really visible in short time for these reasons.


Very practical, the installation of the Playful MRI requires only a single day. With its Plug & Play system, the installation is done in 3 simple steps:

  • Install the MRI Simulator at the desired location
  • Connect it
  • Switch on the Playful MRI Simulator, it is already ready to use!

No configuration is necessary when starting the MRI simulator.

outil-vertRegarding the placement of the MRI Simulator,a 9m room 9m² is enough to install it and move freely during exercise. We advise hospitals to provide a dedicated room to better comply with the conditions of real MRI exam. It allows to create a favorable environment for the preparation of the young patient.

The simulator requires only one electrical plug.There is no need to set up a particular electrical system.

Finally, the Playful MRI Simulator requires no specifical permission for its use.


Easy to install but also to use! Indeed, the MRI Simulator is also easy to handle. It requires only about 1 hour formation.

main-roseThe interface is fun and educational to enable faster learning.. The aim is also to explain the examination to the child.

The Playful MRI Simulator requires no specifical qualification.. It can even be used by professionals not directly involved in the medical.