The Playful MRI Simulator prepares children aged 3 to 10 years and older to avoid anesthesia and reduce anxiety before the exam.

The Playful MRI Simulator, in the shape of a rocket, reproduces exactly the sounds of the real MRI while the child is lying on the bed confined in the tunnel.
A touch screen application controls the viewing of a cartoon inside the tunnel.
3 sequences of 3 mn of the real MRI noise are played through speakers with adjustable sound levels.

An internal camera films the child’s reactions and detects his movements. A transcription of the results of his soughtimmobility in the form of red-orange-green bars makes it possible to decide with the child the passage or not in the real MRI without anesthetics solutions.

1st step : discovery

simulateur IRM

A qualified assistant adapts his explanations on the course of the examination, introduces the machine, the role of the screens, the noise, the recordings, the sequences of color bars.

2nd step : the sequences

enfant couche

The child is invited to sit on his back, lying on the bed. The assistant puts down a mock mri head coils of the skull antenna and fixes his head. The child enters the tunnel and watches the cartoon.
The MRI noise is broadcast and the camera records the child’s sequences.

3rd step : the child actor of his own examination

After an average of 10′ lying inside the tube and captivated by the cartoon, the child is invited to watch the recorded sound sequences. With the help of the assistant, the child comments on the red-orange-green movement sequences and observes his own reactions to the noise.This is when the child becomes his own exam actor and is ready for the real exam without anesthesia and anxiety. Let’s not forget to give him the diploma of passage in the rocket.


The child is ready for an MRI without sedation or anesthesia.