Playful MRI Simulator : Keeping family and child patients together
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  • 17 December 2015
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The playful MRI Simulator in the Wolrd

The Playful MRI Simulator made about him around the world for some years. In 2009, the Digital Journal wrote his first article about the living conditions of hospitalized children and their families. Zoom on the association Le Petit Monde.


Association Petit Monde and the Playful MRI Simy


The association Le petit monde and the Playful MRI Simulator

2009, this is still the beginning of the adventure MRI Simulator. At the time, it’s still the first prototype of the simulator which is installed on the HFME of Lyon. The project is supported by the association Le Petit Monde and its president Pr. Jean-Pierre Pracros. The objective of this association is to improve the lives of children and parents in hospitals.


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